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We create the best outsourcing teams

Suitable for your business profile

Each team has its unique character. Our biggest challenge is to find the right person for a perfect fit. We believe that the right person contributes with its energy and makes 1 plus 1 equal to 11.

01 /

Front-End Developers

From CSS3 to Sass, from JavaScript to React, from HTML5 to SEO. AI Developers know how to write clean and reusable code, using the latest WEB technologies, even compatible with Internet Explorer.

02 /

UX/UI Designers

Set the interaction scenarios (user journeys), plan the list of functionalities and develop the wireframes. Our UX/UI consultants can define the best approach of turning a complex functionality into a simple interface.

03 /

Web Analytics Specialists

Analyse the structure and the mechanisms of user interaction with the website. An AI specialist can identify the patterns, check for opportunities and improve the funnel conversion.

04 /

E-Commerce Masters

...or CMS masters. They know more than enough on how to set up an online shop form scratch, with electronic payment, using WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify.

Each project needs a qualified consultant

We calculate your monthly investment

Hiring an outsourcing consultant is more accessible than you might think. Let us find the right consultant for your project.

Send us your contact through the form and one of our managers will contact you within one business day.

Created by consultants for consultants

Make AI different from other consulting firms

We want ActiveInsights to be synonymous of efficiency and advanced knowledge. We stimulate entrepreneurship on our partners and try to be the best on our niche.

Consulting firms

  • Many meetings with no results
  • Suggested profiles unfitted for the role
  • Lack of contractual transparency
  • Consultants without updated training
  • Lack of software and appropriate licences
  • Lack of information about Security Rules
  • Consultants with low motivation
  • Low contractual flexibility


  • Right balance between softskills and hardskills
  • Consultants multilateral training
  • Monthly efficiency monitoring
  • Experienced and dedicated manager
  • We do our best to keep our promises

Legal and financial transparency

Flexible contract

The contract is totally transparent, with no complicated or ambiguous formulations. The terms clauses include all the guaranties and responsibilities that cover both parts interests, making sure that we collaborate on a win-win based relationship. We don’t burden our clients with long term contracts or heavy rescission penalties.


We guarantee our customers to provide the contracted services with high quality standards and within the agreed schedule.


We ensure the information safety – dada security, protection against unauthorized access by third parties.


We ensure the proper and updated training of consultants, suitable for the task in hands.


We preserve the commercial information confidentiality and all the client’s competitive advantages.


We guarantee the consultant replacement, through request.

At least 3 ActiveInsights professionals

Become part of your team

The advanced skills allow our team to be a partner even in the most complex projects, completing the important aspects of technology, safety and scalability.

Used with precision

Cutting-edge technology

The ActiveInsights strongholds are knowledge and efficiency. We invest continuously on the training of our consultants, following and sharing the latest news, tendencies and good practices of the IT world.



Web Analytics



How we work

5 steps for hiring the best consultant

The five steps allow us to gather all the info needed about the project, and without ambiguity find a good match with an ActiveInsights consultant. The result will be a team member, experienced and suitable to the project and to the working team.

01 /

Leave your

Leave your contact on our form, filling your personal data. We will schedule a face-to-face meeting or Skype call.

02 /

Receive 3

After our meeting and a requirements analysis, we identify the top 3 consultants that fully match the project and team.

03 /

Schedule the

A face-to-face interview to allow the consultant a better understanding of the project, and for you to get acquainted with him.

04 /

Sign the

We agreed the contract legal aspects, including the guarantee clauses and the grantors requirements, between ActiveInsights and the Client.

05 /

Receive the

On the day agreed, the ActiveInsights consultant begins performing its duties on the client workplace or from the ActiveInsights office.

Each project needs a qualified consultant

We calculate your monthly investment

Hiring an outsourcing consultant is more accessible than you might think. Let us find the right consultant for your project.

Send us your contact through the form and one of our managers will contact you within one business day.

About us

6 facts

01 / Experience

We are present in the world of IT since 2010.

02 / Corporate ready

We develop projects for multinational companies. We are familiarized with the internal processes of IT.

03 / Safety

Our internal processes guarantee the information safety.

04 / Team

T-shaped consulting team members are the best of the business and excellent people.

05 / Entrepreneurship

We have our own projects on the e-commerce and web-analytics niche.

06 / Knowledge

We share knowledge and train people on our own academy, the ActiveInsights Academy.

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Hello! We're two developers with an average of 35 years old. We love technology and know how to “play with code ©”. We've been working in front-end for more than a decade.

We decided to create a company that is out of the ordinary, guided for people, efficiency and technology. In that order. We believe that happy people are more productive, more creative and can reach better results.

We created an Instagram account to publish all the progress of our company. We believe that it can help you to better understand our vision and our values.

If you are still studying in the IT area, maybe we can support you in your way and reaching your professional objectives. Follow our Instagram shares!


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